3 dinners everyone loved

with the weather warming up, we spend every afternoon out in the front yard. we love the sunshine and our neighbors, the swing and the sandbox. i hate missing out on the fun when i have to come inside to make dinner. so here were 3 QUICK dinners this week that everyone at my house loved...

salmon salad
bake salmon fillets marinated in S&P, 1T. dijon mustard, 2T. oil, 1T. balsamic vinegar, declared the best by our friends the Corbetts. (it got an audible "mmm" from the boys)
fresh baby spinach
shredded carrots
diced cucumbers
feta cheese
Ken's Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing, recommended by my friend KK and so tasty

taco salad
saute onion. brown ground turkey. add taco seasoning packet and drained can of black beans and simmer on low.
fresh baby spinach
shredded cheese
a few tortilla chips

fancy store-bought pizza
thin crust pizza from your grocery store
topped with chopped fresh spinach, chopped kalamata olives, and feta cheese. add 5+ minutes to cooking time because of the water from the veggies. my very pregnant sister bridget takes all the credit for this crowd pleaser

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kkmckenzie5 said...

great meal idea! can't wait to try!!!