two year molars

the two year molars are the culprit of all the sadness, tears, tantrums, and ridiculousness around here. i almost dont want to document this season of our lives cause it has been so very challenging BUT i know it is just temporary and in a few months i will have blocked it out of my memory.
river hasnt taken a nap in 17 days. i cannot believe its been that long, poor guy. oh we read a book and i kiss him goodnight, but there is no sleeping going on. just jumping up and down screaming for mama or daddy. i have read him a 2nd book, made naptime earlier, made naptime later, given motrin around the clock, given motrin+tylenol around the clock, left him alone to cry it out, slept on the floor next to his crib, spanked him, prayed outside the door, prayed over his bed, and supernanny-ed him laying him down over and over for an hour and a half...geez. not even going to mention his nighttime sleep interuptions.
and now that his bottom two are just about all the way through. guess what? i can feel his top two molars just under his gums. wow.
the wonderful thing is all the sadness is confined to naptime. which makes me think it all started with pain from his molars and now has turned into good ole two year old stubbornness.
its been SO MUCH FUN having george home this week because of all the ice. river and flora are LOVING it. and i loved the TWO HOUR NAP that george let me take this morning cause he knew i needed it. we have stayed in our pajamas and played and chased and laughed and read and jumped on the bed and sled down the driveway and shared meals with best friends. its a wonderful life. teething and all.

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