dear river,

when i picked you up from the nursery at bible study this morning, your teachers told me that you had been sad. they said you were frozen most of the hour, didnt say a word and didnt laugh once...so unlike the joyful boy we all know with the best laugh in the world. the moment that you saw me you sobbed and tears squeezed out your eyes.

you dont yet have the words to tell me what was bothering you today, so i'll never know. what i do know is that there will be many more days when your feelings get hurt, your heart gets broken, and your spirit seems it cant be mended. i am praying now that you will know our savior named Jesus who loves you in all of your pain, brokenness, and imperfection. i am praying that you know that He loves us with an Unchanging and Never-Stopping Love. i am praying that when you are sad, you know of the Great Sadness that jesus had on the cross for us.


Dale . Val . Cruz . Willow said...

ahhh, dont make me cry.
and cute shirt by the way. I think it was a dallas garage sale find. :)

Marc, Carlye, Georgia and Sarah Jane said...

I'm crying.

The Morgan Family said...

I'm crying, too!! I haven't had to experience this yet, but I'm sure I will one day. :(