"it wasn't how she had intended."

while cuddled up next to my firstborn at rest time today, i read a sweet blog post  about our friends, the corbetts, meeting their son's birthmother.

amy wrote:

"I had no idea she delivered my son alone that night.  It wasn't how she had intended.  While in labor, a male nurse who knew about her plan to adopt stayed by her side, telling her what an amazing thing she was doing.  As if God sent her one of His angels.  The thought of her there at the hospital, bearing the physical pain ALONE on my behalf is seriously enough to make me weep if I dwell on it."

what a beautiful story.  what a beautiful reminder that things usually dont happen how we intended them to happen.  it was a good afternoon cry.  a good reminder that the broken heart is the healed heart.  that beauty can come from pain.  amen amen amen.


Marc & Amy said...

So sweet. Thank you.

Mike and Shannon said...

'the broken heart is the healed heart.' amen.