why photographs are so great

photographs are so great because they freeze in time the story of our life.  they capture forever the little things that our memories may forget.  and oh how great these pictures are...

river wanting to be like his daddy

 children hanging off of nommie

more children hanging on nommie.  and a baby holding a baby.

the content and easy-going 3rd born children...
amidst all the chaos

 the audience for present opening
 (and...no one is EVER going to say, "betsy has great hair."  
but they may say, "betsy knows how to pull her hair back and make it look cute.")

the girls just wanna hold hands

water break...
look at walker in the background (being stalked by a sweet baby-loving girl at the park)

walker thinking that she is bigger than she is

clearly i need help...
bryan holding my baby and molly putting my big kids in the car for me.  thank you

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