i love babies

i am so looking forward to walker's birthday in 2 weeks.  she stood on her own the other day.  and learned to clap.  and beams when i read her a bedtime story all cuddled up in the rocking chair.  she reaches out for george every time she sees him.  she loves it when flora man-handles her trying to sing her a bedtime song "jesus loves me this i know"

we are having the sweetest conversations with river and flora about what walker wants to do on her birthday.  they think she wants to go ride the trolley again and get ice cream.  interesting.

i just love babies.

river 6 months old, april 2009

flora 13 days old, may 2010

 walker 5 weeks old, december 2011

flora holding walker, november 2011

please go read this beautiful reminder to delight in them...to delight in these children of mine!  to slow down and hug tighter and enjoy them and love them well.  she is a mother of 9 with two sets of twins and has such great perspective.

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Mike and Shannon said...

tears. so sweet. you are such a great mama!