feasting on real food

i am amazed at their little brains.  sponges.  soaking it all up.  the good and the bad.
they walk and talk just like they see me walking and talking.
i giggle everytime flora says, "holy moly" like i do
i cringe when river says, "i dont like it when you talk to me like that mommie." responding just like i do when his attitude is wrong towards me.
i feel like right now i have two simple and profound, repetitive jobs:
to feed their bodies with tasty and healthy food
to feed their souls with spiritual food
God please give me the grace to do these well.  
i feel like i am in a dinner rut.  a lunch rut.  and come to think of it, a breakfast rut too.
same ole thing and mealtime dragging on and kids whining and me frustrated.
i read such a beautiful explanation of why it is so important to feed our family well...to take time to prepare the table for our loved ones.  good food for the body can certainly point us to the saving food for our soul.

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