flora's pillow

i learned to embroider and crazy quilt from a sweet staff wife, laura watson, one summer while working at pine cove camp.  it suits me well because i dont like to measure and am not bothered by imperfection.  
i have embroidered a pillow for each of my 7 nieces and nephews.  i prefer to give handmade gifts and this has been a sweet 1st birthday present for each of them.  when i was finishing up christmas presents last year i realized that i hadnt made my own children much.  so i decided that 2012 was the year that my kids were getting their handmade pillows. 

 flora jolene was first...
 i got the turquoise and hot pink floral fabric from my best friend whitney for my 30th birthday last year.  it was a perfect gift!  and from our favorite fabric store in taos.  the blue and baby pink fabric is from my 90 year old grandmother granny, florence.  so special.  the back of the pillow is made from a turquoise and white striped sheet that my sister and i used for sleepovers when we were growing up.
 manicure by me.  again...not bothered by imperfection :)
this sweet daughter of mine opened her handmade present on the morning of her 2nd birthday this year  and squealed over it.  she had sat in my lap all week while i worked on it and was happily napping (sweating and drooling) on the finished product that afternoon.  i am a firm believer that you USE your favorite stuff...wear the diamonds, eat on the china, drink the good wine.  
this pillow gets cuddled on and slept on and then washed and just gets softer and softer and more perfect for this child of mine.  i gotta get started on river's...his birthday is around the corner!

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Bumblebee said...

What a wonderful project - made all the more special because of where the fabrics came from!

I'm sure your child will treasure it always...wash, after wash, after wash.......<3