the days are long

the days are long
but the years are short

good grief isn't that the truth?!  these days with young children are so long.

the one night last week that we had company over, all three kids were crying in bed in need of mommie.  oh geez.  so i shushed walker.  i sent george in with river.  and then i sat in the pitch black bathroom with flora while she "played me like a drum" as george likes to say.  after at least 20 minutes of this, i texted george a desperate plea that sounded something like "oh my goodness she is making me crazy and I've been working 12 hour days for nearly 4 years now and all i want is to be alone with my Blue Moon and a bowl of ice cream." oh so pitiful.  my wonderful other half met me in our long dark hallway with some realistic encouragement.  he told me, "there will be a day not too far off when she will look at you and tell you that she hates you.  this won't last long when they all want to be with you all the time.  go enjoy it."  it makes me teary-eyed when i think about it again.  cause isn't that the truth?!  they won't always want me and need me and tell me that they love me for no reason at all.  so i better go enjoy it.  you should too...whatever IT is that is making you a crazy person right now.  go enjoy it instead.

and i must brag on my sister's boyfriend, dustin.  he made a very sweet and very neat and very creative video called "when we became three" and you just have to go watch it.  i love it.  

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