we are rich!

we are rich! we have been saved from our selfishness by God's good grace alone. nothing else can save us, help us, comfort us, except the overwhelming and lavish love of Jesus. i am so glad because i have george to remind me of this. and i have wonderful friends and family who remind me of this when i forget it. i hope and pray that i can teach my kids of Jesus' sacrificial love. and i hope and pray that they will have people in their life, like i do, that can point them to Jesus.

i say all this cause my patience is thin. my temper is rising. my actions are laced with anger. ugh! i need help to do this job...this job of wife and mother and friend and daughter and sister and servant of the One who came to serve. this is "my one glorious turn at being a mother" and i want to make it count. if left to my own awful devices, i would act like my kids... and bite my brother on the bottom like flora did when river wronged her...it was the saddest cry i have ever seen.

thank goodness i have my friends to sit in the sunshine with me and tell me the truth. thank goodness i have my sweet husband to be listen to me and be my best friend. thank goodness i have my kids to remind me that i don't have it all together and i desperately need help in this rich life of mine.

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