one year ago today

one year ago today, i would go to bed knowing nothing of what the next day held...i would pee on a stick after george was already at work. oh my goodness! pregnant! river and i baked cupcakes for pops' birthday. we went to NDHS to tell george the good news! we took him a cupcake and it was in the batting cages where we nonchalantly told him that we were now a family of five. i got back in the car and immediately called shelly and squealed the whole way home. in an effort to make my babies BIGGER, i went to the store and bought river big boy underwear and bought flora rubber bands for her first ponytail.

one year ago today, i didn't know that my third child already existed.
one year ago today, i knew nothing of sweet little walker rose. oh praise God for this sweet gift of children

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