our family

on the very spot where we became husband and wife nearly six years ago...
capturing flora's overwhelming love for walker
freezing in time father and son's sweet adoration for each other
documenting forever river's bottom lip and flora's scowl
focusing on a mother's joy in her family
those eyes...
that joy!
a patch worn in the grass from all the memories made
a grin just like her father's
her daddy's hand-me-down boots
named for her father and in love with her mother
showing that sweet smile to anyone who talks to her
six years ago after much dancing and celebrating, friends and family threw rice and cheered and we waved and drove off to our future.
now our arms and our laps are full of that future.

what a wonderful life!
family photography by amber ruth. thank you amber!
wedding photography by lauren mcclure


The Hunters said...

LOVE THIS!!!!!! love the pics and love your words to describe your sweet fam and this sweet stage of life!!!!

Marc & Amy said...

SOOO sweet!! We still tell people about how great y'all's wedding was!! And it's so great to see how God has abundanty blessed you guys with such a beautiful family.

Stephanie said...

Loved your post! So beautiful Everything! xoxo

Shaq, Penny and Lil' Penny said...