walker smiles!

walker is smiling all the time now. some of our very best friends, Ellen and TJ, just had their first child, and i can hardly remember when walker was a curled up little newborn.

at nearly 12 weeks old, she has found her hand and is loving sucking on her fist. she eats great and sleeps great, loving the symphony of sound that river and flora create for her. we have a lot of space, but technically only 3 bedrooms. i am thinking of moving out of my walk-in closet and making it her sleeping nook. her fat little neck makes her look a lot like river to me.
it always makes me so sad to think about the moms who have to go back to work after 12 weeks because this is when all the smiling and the cute cooing really gets going. her precious face is just so happy to see me smiling back at her. oh how i love this daughter of mine.

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