walker girl

she is a dreamy little baby. people keep asking me how she is doing and i have nothing to say! no news is good news- she does just what she is supposed to do...eats, poops, sleeps, eats again. i cant believe she is just 6 weeks old. i have embraced more movie-time with the kids these past 6 weeks. george has been to the store more times these past 6 weeks than he has our entire marriage. tonight we treated ourselves to dinner out for the first time all together. and the best way i can explain having 3 kids in 3 years & 3 weeks is that there is no mirage of control. its pretty much chaos and i am learning to be ok with that. my hope is that i make sure and squeeze alot of joy out of all that crazy. its a wonderful life after all.

flora wanted to be wrapped up too


Beth said...

Love that Flora is wrapped up like Walker! Walker is a little beauty, just like your others! Love and miss you. Merry Christmas!

The Hunters said...

Walker looks just like flora in that pic:)! And yes a "controlled chaos" is a good way to sum up life w little ones so close in age:) love hearing about your life and kids:) love you!