heaven on earth: a brother and his sisters

it has really been heaven on earth. we love having 3 children...george said the first night that we were home that it felt more right. of course we have had our share of tough stuff. our big boy river is waking up in the middle of every night crying out for mommie and during the day he is carrying around monkey and puppy even though he knows they are supposed to just stay in his bed. flora cries "up" and wants me to carry her nearly every time i am holding walker. i apparently cannot keep 3 children groomed, seeing that teeth havent been regularly brushed and flora's hair is looking crazier than ever. but i wouldnt trade it for anything...all of this love and cuddling on our sweet newborn daughter.


Marc & Amy said...

soooo sweet!! We are so happy for you guys! We'll pray for everybody in the fam to keep making the transition to 3. :)

Jordan said...

So sweet!! I didn't even see little Walker in that last picture (matching pjs) at first glance! Hugs to the Berre family!

Becca said...

I love these of river and flora loving on her. She is so beautiful! I can't wait to come see her again.