our children

i love noticing the little things that make our children uniquely them. sure, they look alike, with their light eyes and sandy blonde hair and curls from some unknown source. but God has truly made them
so sweet and strongly RIVER and
so wild and beautifully FLORA.

river cuddles. everyday he wakes up from his nap and calls out for me. i go back to him and lay down, our limbs intertwine and he falls back asleep, comforted that i am there. he fell back asleep today even though i was still on the phone. the talking didnt bother him. he sleeps so soundly like his mama.

flora wakes and is immediately asking for Ya-ya (river) or Daddy. when she is up, she is up and ready to go. no cuddling, no snuggles...she is busy so get out of her way. she sleeps so lightly just like her daddy. i have woken her up dozens of times when i go into check on her before i go to bed.
it just makes me wonder and dream...who will this 3rd baby be? is it a son or a daughter? is it a sister or a brother for my sweet river and flora girl? i cant wait to meet this baby.

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lo said...

love these pictures! You have a beautiful family.