with the passing of a big birthday, and the start of school, and another baby's birth day around the corner, i have been thinking lots about traditions. i love traditions and i want my family to have lots of them. they are those BIG things we do to make special events monumental or LITTLE things we do to make a regular day a bit more special.

with a 2yo and a 1yo busy at my feet, i see how they thrive on a daily routine. i can tell time by the their disposition. i see how, no matter the repetition, their little faces light up each and every evening when daddy comes through the door with a smile and his arms open wide. they dont mind monotony...they thrive on it!

this morning, i read a great post about the beauty of ceremony on the online journal from the author of the book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. i havent read the book yet, but it keeps popping up on my radar.

"And yet, isn’t every day important? Do not all of our acts warrant ceremony?

Each moment God generously bestows is momentous. If we embrace each day as gift, then isn’t each event noteworthy? And if each moment lived is important, could we not then live in ceremony, celebration wrapped around each bead of time?...

Ceremony changes us: the single become married, the soul emerges baptized, the birthday christens another year.

Ceremony offers us the opportunity to change our everydays too."

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