30th birthday.
celebrated with a small handful of girls and good food and special little details.
celebrated with george with an afternoon at the pool and a night at the belmont hotel.
celebrated with my little family by going to the splash park and by making (much anticipated) cupcakes with river. he sang me "happy birthday". i didnt even know he could sing. it was the sweetest song and the sweetest voice my ears have ever heard.

am now 30 weeks with baby number 3. what?! 10 weeks until i see this sweet little face?! i am talking to flora everyday about the new baby and being a big sister. she loves babies. she also really is a mama's girl.


Jordan said...

How are you 30 years and 30 weeks?!? You look great for both!:) I can't wait to meet the 3rd little Berre!

Dale . Val . Cruz . Willow said...

is that cabbage as the center peice?

Eddie said...

You are so impossibly gorgeous, Bets!