an update on naptime

my dad and river napped in the rocking chair yesterday for an hour. then he laid him in his crib where he slept another 45 minutes while my dad sat in his room. thank you dad.

at lunch today i decided that i would sit and read in the rocking chair while river napped. it is exactly the kind of crutch that i didnt want him to need. BUT he hasnt slept for naptime in WAY TOO LONG. so i decided i would read him his favorite book slowly and softly, let him snuggle for a good long hug and lay him down, telling him that i wasnt going anywhere. this eased the look of panic that was on his face and he was asleep in minutes.

i sat down and opened my daily devotional, Jesus Calling, and read today's entry:
"Thank me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still. Do not spoil these quiet hours by wishing them away waiting impatiently to be active again." wow. i'll worry about the crutch later, this is clearly where we both needed to be today.


Jordan said...

So glad for both of you!!! Sweet River and Sweet Mama!!

The Hunters said...

awesome betsy! yes, where the Lord wants you to be, so comforting!

Lana said...

LOVE that pic of River!! hopefully he will be reassured and can sleep on his own soon...you are such a great mommy :) glad to hear he got some rest. tired toddlers are no fun in the evening :)

Dale . Val . Cruz . Willow said...

great pic and so sweet.