flora's new years resolution

she wanted earrings for the new year!
george went back and forth on whether or not i could have them pierced. on his way out the door for soccer practice he said "i just dont want to hear about her crying."
i was prepared for a few minutes of crying. a crowd had formed around us at the mall. river was silent, sticky, and happy eating an ice cream. the gal told me how to hold flora and before i could chicken out, her ears were pierced. she cried of course and i cried of course. but as soon as i could pick her up and squeeze her tight she went from sobbing to giggling in an instant. cried for 30 seconds at the most.
then she literally posed for pictures. looked at the camera but turned her pretty little head.when i told a friend that i had flora's ears pierced she said, "oh did you get it done at your pediatricians office?" um no. i had it done at claire's at the mall... with a group of tweens watching and the holiday crowds there to hear her cry. oops. didnt even know you could do it at the pediatrician?!
reminds me of when i had valerie on the hunt for dry shampoo and she asked the girl at cvs where it was and the girl said, "oh like to use on an older person in a nursing home, or during a hospital stay, or on a camping trip?" um no. just a lazy stay-at-home mom who doesnt make showering a priority.


Jordan said...

i got mine done at claire's too! ha ha

ruth and doug said...

Betsy, I love your blog. Always makes me smile.