dustin, nicest guy in the world
aka, bridget's boyfriendflora wanted a picture with her cousin...coming in may. my sister bridget is 5 months pregnant and we are so excited. oh you can get her cute shirt here. the proceeds go to help our friends heather and aaron adopt their son from africa.


Amanda Fowle said...

Congratulations! Yay for cousins!! Bridget is Austin, right? Tell her to find the yahoo group called AustinMamas. It is fabulous and will help connect her with the world of mamas around here. (It is a high volume email list, so she'll want to set up a special folder filter for it or just read messages online. Or email me and I'll give her the scoop.)

Heather said...

awww!! yay!

Marc, Carlye, Georgia and Sarah Jane said...

Just bought a shirt. And I love Bridge and your mom.