i must confess...our advent calendar is not up & ready for December 1st. but no one is keeping track at my house. hopefully i can work on it during naptime tomorrow. we wont be filling ours with candy (what happens to the poor kid without candy on 12/26?) but with traditions. some are solely for the kids (some for me) but most are fun for the whole family.

so young or old, throw it together and start your very own countdown to the birth of our great savior, who came to save us in our great need.

here are more than enough ideas:
Write a letter to a loved one
Visit someone elderly
Make an ornament
Bake a treat for the neighbors
Shop for groceries and take to the food bank
Sit in Santa’s lap
Anonymously give flowers to someone
Say hello and smile at everyone you meet today
Take in the neighbor's garbage cans
Take doggy treats to someone who has a dog
Make a gift and card for your teacher
Draw a picture of the Nativity
Do something kind for the garbage men
Put money in the Salvation army cup
Buy and deliver Christmas gifts for a family in need
Visit a widow
Leave kind notes for Daddy all over the house
Clear the table after dinner
Make a popcorn string
Take a treat to our favorite checker at the grocery store
Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them up
Make hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows
Take treats to daddy and his coworkers
Have candlelight dinner and dress up in your fanciest to eat
Give an anonymous gift
Make pinecone bird feeder and watch the birds eat it
Invite someone new to dinner
Go through your toys and donate a few
Learn how jesus’ birth is celebrated in different countries
Make breakfast for dinner and eat in your pjs
Make soup from scratch
Learn how to knit/crochet
Decorate your own gift wrap
Watch It’s a Wonderful Life cuddled under a blanket
Have a birthday party for Jesus

ideas for advent experiences were compiled from
i am momma AND ali edwards
AND my very own brain


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Oooh! You've got some great extra ones I might have to use next year! Thanks for sharing this with me!


Dale . Val . Cruz . Willow said...

so good!

Mary Jane said...

Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing:)