happy 2nd birthday river

there was lots and lots and lots of celebrating
you are so loved by SO MANY PEOPLE
and you are loved by your maker more than you can ever imagine and past anything you could ever do or say

river i am amazed at how your little heart is already turned toward jesus. you are a great example to me of what it looks like to be full of joy.
basketball is the second word out of your mouth in the morning, after mama-oh
several times a day i find you going through a whole stack of books reading and laughing to yourself
you will imitate almost anything i do, like marching in the front yard or eating raw broccoli
i am so proud of how kind and gentle and loving you are to your sister
you are a blessing,
a gift,
and a reward
to your daddy and me
we love you so much


Tina & Scott said...

ya'lls family is so BEAUTIFUL!!! love these precious pics!

p.s. anyway you could email me and tell me what that pretty blue color is in your dining area? love it!

Marc & Amy said...

So happy for you all. Betsy, your heart is beautiful and it is so evident y'all are wonderful parents. We are so proud of you. Much love!