wonderful cousins

river and i made a quick trip down to college station to celebrate cruz' 3rd birthday. valerie and dale have done alot of work fixing up their first house and it is so comfortable & so inviting. their backyard is a kid's dream come true. there are trails and trees and a neighborhood fort and a creek. the kids did a treasure hunt out there for the party and it was perfect.

at 6:40am saturday morning, river and cruz met in the hallway. it was birthday party day and cruz knew it. he turned and saw the streamers and his face lit up! he scurried off (with river trying to keep up) to see the crepe paper and balloons that were up just for him.
i wish i could take credit for the decorations. but friday night, valerie and i were exhausted. cruz' wonderful grandmother DeDe spent an hour late friday cutting tape and twisting crepe paper.
i will FOREVER stay up that extra hour or so decorating so that my kids wake up to a decorated home...a big deal...surprise balloons and streamers and more..all just for them. the look on cruz' face was unforgettable.

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Dale . Val . Cruz said...

Oh my gosh, Great post! I knew you would beat me to it!. Im still trying to finishing posting his bday weekend.
you are a wonderful Aunt for coming all the way down for his party!