my wonderful husband

nesting comes with being pregnant. and when you love the INSIDE of your house, the only answer is to insist on change OUTSIDE. i planted a vegetable garden and some more peonies and then i ran out of projects that i could do. so i begged george for a place to sit in the front. i kept telling him that we are just at the beginning of our front yard years and that i NEEDED a place to sit. he did an amazing job. absolute perfection. (and then i found the table and chairs in someone's bulk trash pile, even better)



Marc & Amy said...

Wow! Looks great! You got yourself a good man there. :)

The Hunters said...

love it! how perfect for summer, and a little boy who loves to play in the dirt! also, i love your birds for baby #2. way to go!

becca said...

yay! good job george.

Dale . Val . Cruz said...

Looks so good. I can tell which pictures were taken with your old camera and which ones were taken with your new camera. Thanks God for Betsys new camera, we all benefit from it!