lots of wonderful

i love the mall at christmas, so we went for lunch on monday. my mom, river and i met our great friends amanda, hannah, and luke at northpark. river sat in my lap and really watched scrooge. then he just watched the other little kids. they would all laugh at scrooge and then he would laugh at them.

i forced these bears on river, desperately wanting him to have a lovey. and he does love them. he is so into hugging things right now. he will hug these bears for 5 minutes, doing nothing else if you encourage him to.
we had our 1st sonogram this morning and got to see our sweet 2nd born. the baby is growing perfectly and all looks great. it was amazing to see that little spine, tiny fingers, and a beating heart. we even got to see the baby moving its mouth and trying to suck on its fingers. the sonogramer kept saying sweet things like, "isnt that amazing?" or "look at how sweet" which i loved because it IS a miracle...even though it is her job and she sees sonograms everyday. we want to wait and find out the baby's gender on the birthday, so the sonogramer didnt even look at the sex of the baby. she said she was bad at lying and couldnt have hidden it.
lots of wonderful little things right now...


Marc & Amy said...

Yay!!! Congratulations, George & Betsy!!!

Anonymous said...

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