10/9/08 was my last day of work as a teacher at hillcrest high school. wow. a year ago today i left the working world, left my wonderful job at my beloved alma mater teaching nutrition to wonderful students with wonderful coworkers. can not believe it has been a year. our friends at taco thursday got me a cake that said "happy retirement betsy." little did i know my retirement would last only a day...my water broke at 8pm on 10/10 and river was born on 10/11. what a difference a year makes. and what a wonderful year it has been. i am so glad that i loved my job as a teacher so much. but i am more glad that i love my job as a mother. i love being with river all day every day. i love being his best friend. i love knowing him so well. i love it that we chose for me to stay at home with him. i love it that i dont have to work outside the house. thank you george. thank you river. thank you jesus.

this is one of my favorite things that river does, playing on the window ledge. staring out the window, talking to the trees, knocking over blocks. this year has been wonderful


The Hunters said...

oh sweet boy. big number one tomorrow!!!
make my heart happy to hear how much you love mothering. i love you betsy

Marc & Amy said...

Betsy & George, we rejoice with you tomorrow as you celebrate River's first birthday!! Wow- what a special day that is!!! We are so happy for you guys- God is so good.