we had 25 family and friends that are like family over for easter lunch yesterday. everyone enjoyed themselves although i have no proof of this because i didnt take one picture! i am so bummed, but have learned a lesson that its hard to take care of a baby and host a party AND take pictures of that baby and that party.

when george prayed before lunch he said "thank you jesus that you deal with us through jesus and not according to what we do." how sweet that is. and how glad i am that it is true.

the north dallas bulldogs ended the soccer season as one of the TOP 16 teams in the state. wow! i am SO PROUD of george and his team. so very proud. since the season ended last week, river and george have spent hours and hours together. here is a sweet picture of when george was playing peek-a-boo with river. he loves his daddy. this is a wonderful life.