thanksgiving break was great. we have a wonderful life. wonderful family. wonderful friends. it was SO great to have george at home with us. molly and bryan and cousin brady came to visit from california and we couldn't get enough of them. bridget came up from austin and stayed with us and helped out alot.
brady: obsessed with river. "baby" is one of his 5 words that he repeats. everyday brady was asking about the baby, concerned when the baby cried, and even giving the baby his pacifier. as you can see above, brady loved the baby so much that he wanted to be a baby...getting in river's bed and everything.
jo anna: jo anna is the 6 yr old daughter of some young life committee members who graciously brought us a meal. we got to see genuine JOY and HAPPINESS when she held river. repeatedly she was throwing her head back, wincing, and hysterically laughing all while exclaiming "he's so cute!" it was wonderful
we love it when people love river so well
more thanksgiving pictures to come...

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