1 month old

jeff and sasha denman came to visit saturday evening. (yes that is river's Texas Tech Micheal Crabtree jersey...thank you Rider Family!)

river joins the girls for tuesday night bible study

this was what river wore home from the hospital. he really fills it out now! life is starting to develop a new normal. we are getting out of the house and river is teaching me his routine. just one month ago, getting ready to leave the hospital


Dale . Val . Cruz said...

oh my goodness , I cant wait to squeeze him. no really, I cant wait, you might have to come sooner. Im not kidding.

The Hunters said...

Love the pics Betsy. It really makes me feel a tad more connected to your life 10 hours away! I can't wait to get River and Canon together. You look great too, and like the happiest mommy on the block! Love you!